Austrian Plant-Based Seafood Company Launches World’s First Vegan Octopus Product

By William J. Furney

In a world first, a seafood company has created a plant-based octopus product it hopes will steer people away from the real thing and help boost sustainablity in the world’s oceans.

Revo Foods is based in Vienna, Austria, and along with ocotpus is also making salmon and tuna products, using an innovative 3D printing process that allows the company to mimic the taste of ocean creatures. It is currently raising capital via a crowdinvesting campaign and is almost at its target of €1.5 million.

It comes at a time when animal rights activists, conservationists and scientists are protesting against a planned world-first octopus farm in Gran Canaria, Spain, that would raise and slaughter 1 million octopuses a year.

Revo Foods CEO Robin Simsa joined me today for a chat about his innovative company, how it came about and where the future of plant-based foods lies. (Apologies for the low video quality, which was due to unstable internet.)

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