I Need to Win So GOP Retains House Control, Insists a Desperate Lauren Boebert — ‘Hollywood Liberals Funding Opponent’

By William J. Furney

Republican representative Lauren Boebert has called on her base to fund her re-election campaign before time runs out, in what political analysts said was a desperate attempt to fend off Democratic challenges and retain her seat. 

The right-wing Colorado congresswoman even went as far as to say the GOP risked losing control of the House if she failed to be re-elected. Boebert, 36, wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “With the end-of-month deadline upon us, I’m asking each and every one of you for help ensuring my campaign has the resources to win.”

She continued: “If we lose Colorado’s 3rd District, the House is in MAJOR jeopardy of falling into Democrat hands.”

‘Soros, Hollywood Democratic Funding’

The congresswoman mentioned in her X post Democratic funding from billionaire investor George Soros and Hollywood actors. “My opponent has plenty of funding from Soros dark money and even Hollywood liberals like Barbra Streisand and Ryan Reynolds,” she said. 

Boebert added: “I need your help. Can I count on your support today for the critical November end-of-month deadline?”

Boebert is running against businessman and former banker Adam Frisch, a 56-year-old Democrat who has said people are “sick and tired” of the congresswoman as he attempts to unseat her in elections next year. 

Online Reaction

Not everyone rushed to donate to Boebert’s coffers. One person wrote on X: “Why are you worried about Canadian Ryan Reynolds?? He’s not a Hollywood elite, Lauren.”

Another X user said in response to the congresswoman’s request for campaign donations: “Girl, House Republicans are doing nothing. Y’all don’t deserve to hold on to the majority. Plus, @AdamForColorado is taking your job.”

And someone else said on X: “Great! I hope George Soros donates his ENTIRE 6.7 Billion dollar fortune to @AdamForColorado. YAY GEORGE SOROS!!!!”

Republican Opponents Too

Boebert is not only worried about a Democratic opponent swiping her House seat but several Republican contenders too. Among them is attorney Jeff Hurd, whose campaign is promising “serious leadership for rural Colorado.”

Boebert raised $853,840 in donations for her re-election bid in the third quarter, according to campaign filings, but that was far eclipsed by the $3.38 million Frisch brought in — breaking records for the period and setting the Democrat up for a well-funded run against the congresswoman. 

The congressional elections take place next November 5, the same day that the country will vote for a new president — or to give another four years to the incumbent. Voters will decide in primaries and caucuses early next year on who their candidates will be for the White House run. 

Biden and Trump the Leaders

President Joe Biden is frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for 2024 and on the GOP side, former president Donald Trump is the favorite, according to national polling that puts both men far ahead of their nominee rivals. 

Commenting on next year’s presidential race, Boebert said voters should choose a new, Republican president so the economy would do better. She wrote on X: “2024 is about so much more than defeating Biden. It’s about bringing prosperity back to America and making our nation better than ever before!”

But the presidential election year is shaping up to be an unusual one, say political analysts, largely due to various hurdles both likely candidates face. One is due to their ages — Biden is 81 and Trump 77 — with polls showing most Americans want younger candidates for the race. The two have suffered a string of recent embarrassments, including trips, stumbles and memory losses that have left many people wondering if they’re up to the job. 

Trump’s Many Legal Problems

In addition, Trump is fighting an array of legal cases that could land him in prison. The former president had been indicted four times, including for allegedly working to overturn the result of the 2020 election he lost to Biden and prevent the peaceful transfer of power. Other indictments relate to hush money payments and illegally removing classified documents from the White House. 

The former president has pleaded not guilty to the indictments, which carry a total of 91 federal criminal charges, and says they’re the work of Democratic operatives who want to stop him from becoming president again. The trials are set to run through the election year, despite attempts by Trump’s lawyers to move the dates to after the presidential election. 

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