By William J. Furney

In the end, it wasn’t so much fake news as a bogus leader who refused to accept election results, sowed doubt, confusion and chaos — and dispatched his goons to the nation’s seat of power to threaten, bully and, according to a court filing by prosecutors, “capture and assassinate” politicians. 

And in his final ignominious act as the ultimate sore loser not worthy of the office, Trump is reportedly scuttling out of Washington early next Wednesday, hours before Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in. 

Far from his vow to “drain the swamp” of the United States capitol, the disgraced “leader” who this week became the nation’s first president to be impeached twice will retreat to his Florida golf course to fester and plot his next move. 

Meanwhile, everyone from business chiefs to Republicans themselves are running a mile from Toxic Trump and his brand. 

Even equally bloated, egocentric and maniacal Kim Jong-un declared Trump nuke talks dead in the water as the erratic North Korean leader rolled out an even larger phallic missile this week and childishly affirmed that the US is his “biggest enemy”. 

Neither man-child, one in his 70s, the other around half that, can be taken seriously. Both are a disaster for their countries, and the world. 

And as we battle a third wave of the seemingly never-ending coronavirus pandemic, at least there is hope, that an honest, caring and decent person is taking over the running of the US, the giant North American nation that infamously is the world’s policeman. With the virus hopefully on the wane as various vaccines take hold in our bodies and provide defence, and as a semblance of normality takes hold in the US, we could be over the worst of both these dastardly times.

Trump thought he could bamboozle America and the world with his vapid reality-show ways and we’d be dazzled; but this is real life and we, apart from his deluded supporters, are far from impressed. 

The US has suffered more than 393,000 covid deaths, of over 2 million cases of infection, and yet Trump, who like the supporters he inspires and who has had the disease himself, refuses to take the pathogen that has decimated the world — health and economies — seriously and wear a piece of fabric in front of his mouth. 

Just like the deathly insurrection on Capitol Hill on January 6 that led to Trump’s second impeachment, it’s an extreme dereliction of presidential duty, to protect the people, including politicians and democracy, from harm. 

Former FBI chief James Comey told Sky News today that Trump, who controversially fired him, has a child-like need for affirmation and that he can’t exist without it. 

“I have never seen an adult with a greater hunger for affirmation than Donald Trump. I’ve seen it in two-year-olds and three-year-olds. Affirmation is like air: he needs it constantly.”

Where will the Orange One get it in his Mar-a-Lago resort, now that he’s been put in the adult version of the naughty corner and had his megaphone removed? How embarrassing for anyone, let alone the “most powerful person on Earth”, to be banned from Twitter and other social media platforms because he incited violence. 

But it’s likely we won’t hear the last from the increasingly isolated Trump, at least as far as the courts are concerned. While head of the United States, Trump was immune from prosecution, but now that he’s soon to become a civilian, cases, including those related to his peculiar tax situation, may start to mount — one reason he may have been so incredibly desperate to remain in office. 

Trump was never presidential; Biden is. A new poll, by the Pew Research Center, shows that the majority of the American public (68%) view the incoming leader’s conduct in a positive light compared to the vulgar way in which Trump has behaved. 

“Donald Trump is leaving the White House with the lowest job approval of his presidency (29%) and increasingly negative ratings for his post-election conduct,” the research organisation said. “The share of voters who rate Trump’s conduct since the election as only fair or poor has risen from 68% in November to 76%, with virtually all of the increase coming in his ‘poor’ ratings (62% now, 54% then).”

Terrible ratings, and about to be taken off air — hopefully for good. No one wants a rerun of this nightmare reality show. And by the way, Donald, you really are fired (and most likely unemployable).

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