Let’s Talk About Toxic Femininity

By William J. Furney

Western society has it in for men; there’s little doubt about it, and much of the seething vitriol is driven by male-hating female executives at media companies and advertising agencies. Britain’s Guardian newspaper revels in reducing men, and boys, to the gutter-level, with uber-feminists who write for the ultra-leftist publication that’s in deep financial trouble (wonder why?) declaring that all ages of the male version of the human species should be consigned to concentration camps. And recently we had the bizarre spectacle of men’s shaving brand Gillette branding its customers as toxic and lecturing them to get a life, and one that not only makes them kinder to everyone but almost emasculates them.

Boys, it turns out, can no longer be boys, at least according to the feminazi brigade that evidently loathes the other half.

I was in the men’s aisle of a supermarket the other day and reached for a Gillette product, then recalled their offensive advert and instead swivelled towards Wilkinson Sword and bought their product, even if it cost more.

Certain women love to bandy about the term “toxic masculinity” oblivious to the fact that in doing so they themselves are toxic. I don’t know many or even any toxic men but I do know a great deal of toxic women — including a raft of female siblings, and one that has been physically violent towards me and my children, and another who engaged in international child abductions. But, no, women are not physical, nor violent, or anything negative at all; that’s the realm of those dastardly men.

It’s no wonder feminism has become an entirely dirty word. Equality of the sexes, at home and at work, is vital, but women trying to browbeat men into being submissive is not going to work. A recent survey showed that a majority of women do not identify as feminist because of the militant ways of men-hating who who do. There are a lot, it turns out, of very angry, violent women out there.

Even the #MeToo movement is collapsing under the weight of its own misandry. Leading proponent Asia Argento, arch accuser of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, turned out to be a total hypocrite, following revelations that she had sex with an underage male — strangely, no prosecution for her. The double standards leave an enormous ringing in one’s ears, and once again, it’s down to the female- or emasculated-led media that turns out to be overwhelmingly unreliable time and again.


Continental Shift: How’s that sexual assault thing going, Asia? (Photo: Instagram)

Are men toxic? Are women toxic? We all have the potential to become deeply undesirable and reprehensible, if we’re allowed to become that way, and if one side in the gender wars is able to PR their way above the other, and cast men or women as the enemy. Neither is.

Most people, however, are decent, and not toxic in any way, which is why it’s a folly to universally label both sexes this way: there are many, but certainly not all from either gender, whose behaviour and actions are offensive, if not outright criminal and deserving of prosecution, but it’s not possible to tar everyone with the same fetid brush.  

I work with amazing, talented, open, kind-hearted women whom I’ve never considered my equal — because I’ve never had to: we simply are, and there is nothing to debate on the subject. We do the same work; we’re paid according to our level; and that’s the end of it. Occasionally we have chats at our cyber-watercooler, as we work all over, at the latest faux-outage by women offended by “men’s products” such as the imbroglio over Kleenex Mansize Tissues — outrageously sexist! (even if men undeniably have bigger noses and need bigger tissues) — and there’s usually a collective roll of the eyes at a world gone mad.

So there’s no need to brand men or women the spawn of Satan just because. And, equally, it should not be possible to endlessly drone on about the harms that men cause to women without equally discussing it the other way around.

It’s a brave man who’s a white man in the Western world.

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  1. I do believe the world has gone mad, mainly due to all the double standards and people being far too easily offended! Heck, pass me a man sized tissue any day, they are bigger and better and in no way am I offended by the ‘male’ branding at all! I’m certainly not a wallflower when it comes to being heard – but I am sticking up for myself and my daughter (big softie underneath the hardened exterior)… not womankind as a whole. Heck, there are enough bra-less un-washed to do that for us all! For as strong as I am (independent female et al), I do love a man to be a man (neanderthal with brains), unfortunately, there are a few men (ex-husband) who give the rest of mankind a very bad name. I totally agree men are having a total raw deal of it at the moment – but heck, these siblings you mention… that sounds like a book all in itself! Life would be so much easier for all, if people just took everything in their stride and just got on with enjoying the very short lives we have been gifted!

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