The Muslim Veil Has No Place in Europe

By William J. Furney

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when all over Europe, do as born-and-bred Europeans do, which is most certainly not to parade around in public covered head to toe in a garment so totally concealing that the only body part passersby and people you interact with see are your eyes — and with a strain at that.

In European countries, practically no hardline Muslim woman wears the bizarre, vision-impairing burka so prevalent in Afghanistan, but plenty wear veils of varying designs over billowing garments that hide their figures and give them a spectre-like look that still astonishes many as they waft by. And that give them the “letter box” look that former British foreign secretary Boris Johnson has branded them.

And, for good measure, that these shrouded women look like “bank robbers”.

When you can’t see someone’s face as they attempt to go about their business out in public, who’s to say who or what they are? I’m sure if I sauntered around in public with a balaclava concealing my face, I’d soon arouse suspicion. With strict security measures in many banks these days, including sealed chambers between entry doors where your threat level is accessed, I’m certain I could forget about being allowed in. A trip to the supermarket in my eye-slit headgear would positively result in a call to the police and an on-the-spot interrogation and possible arrest too.

This is not to criticise veil-wearing women who have little choice in the matter and due to Islamic norms and their spouses’ insistence go about in their insane get-ups. Nor is it to equate them to robbers or terrorists. It is simply about dressing in public in an open and transparent manner. No one gives a fig what you wear behind your own closed door.

This is what a growing number of countries in Europe, including France and also the German state of Bavaria, have decided — Denmark the latest, and prompting Mr Johnson to write about the matter. Although he didn’t call for a ban on the Muslim veil in Britain, Mr Johnson, who is still a member of parliament after resigning last month in protest at Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of the Brexit process, did call the outfits “oppressive and ridiculous“.

Denmark has not outlawed Muslim face-gear per se, but has banned face coverings in public. The same law applies to everyone, of every religion, and none. But that wasn’t enough for some Muslim women — and hordes of European, liberal nutjobs — to take to the streets in protest after the law was passed and one veil-wearing Muslim woman was fined.

If you don’t like the laws in the country you’re in and find you just cannot comply, it’s best to move to a nation where you feel more comfortable. If you’re a veil-wearing Muslim family in Europe, or are one considering moving there, you would almost certainly find a warmer welcome in various Middle East Muslim countries where many women dress the same way. Complaining that you can’t wear your Islamic-fundamentalist gear of choice in mainly Christian, and increasingly atheist, Europe won’t get you very far at all.

Mr Johnson’s comments about the Muslim veil continue to ripple around the “shocked” liberal elite in Britain, and he faces an investigation and possible sanctions. Yet the ordinary man and woman in the UK is firmly behind the former London mayor. This is reflected in at least one poll this week showing that Mr Johnson should not be receiving the backlash he is and that 60 percent, compared to 33 percent, hold the view that it is not racist to describe women in burkas in the way he did.

Respondents were also asked if burkas should be banned in the UK, and again the majority — this time 59% — said yes while just 26% said no. A total of 48% of those polled said Mr Johnson should not apologise and 45% said he should.

The lefties’ faux rage is interesting because it’s a safe bet that most if not all would be horrified at the medieval views most hardline Muslims, including those in the UK, continue to hold: death for apostasy; prison (or worse) for gays, the belief that Islam is the “only one true religion” and must eventually overtake all others. I lived in the world’s most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia, for well over a decade and have seen, heard and reported on this and more.

Britain should join other European countries and ban the Muslim face-covering too.

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