Rabid Feminists’ Misandry and Out-of-Touch Views Are Making Feminism a Very Dirty Word

By William J. Furney

If a journalist goes on television and boldly declares during a debate about beauty pageants that “nothing will change until hairy and fat women are allowed to participate”, can she expect to be taken seriously? That was the desire expressed by a Guardian writer during a Sky News debate recently about contests featuring beautiful women and revealing swimsuit rounds in particular.

Also taking part in the broadcast was a former beauty-show contestant and now a businesswoman with two enterprises who was glammed up for the programme and so looked slightly out of place for the early morning hour. She argued that no woman is forced to take part in these glitzy extravaganzas devoted to looks and figures, that there’s no exploitation and many winners and contestants go on to have successful careers because of the nationwide or global exposure.

That all drew glaring looks from the clearly overweight, plain-looking newspaper journalist, who believed that women the world over are being exploited — or at least objectified — on such lavish productions. And all — shock! — for the delight of the ravenous male gaze. How dare we look at stunning women in skimpy outfits, or at all. Let’s just cover them in burkas and be done with it and let the fairy (fat and hairy) women of the world take the stage.

Instant change of channel.

Getting Real

Newsflash: Much of the world revolves around attractive people — from the print, online and billboard ads we’re bombarded with and that peddle everything from scents to soap and just about anything you can think of. The fulcrum of the entertainment industry revolves chiefly around beautiful people — men and women: Brad Pitt, George Clooney; Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts — and anyone who pretends otherwise is a faker. We are, it turns out, hardwired to gravitate towards attractive people, as it’s an outward sign of good genes that may potentially be beneficial to offspring should you have the fortune to procreate with such a fortunate inhabitant of Planet Earth.

Rabid feminists, however, want none of it. They appear to desire the opposite: a world populated not just by women but deeply unattractive ones at that. And why is it always the less-than-attractive ones exposing such opinions? It’s like the drunk loving the company of drunks.

Read the comments on any such uber-feminist story in the Guardian (of what, exactly?) and you see most readers are sick of these out-of-touch and wildly misandric views that the British newspaper is brimming with. This peculiar medium is only too willing to print and publish online the views of misandrists who want the entire male population of the world (men and boys) locked up in concentration-style camps and those who openly declare that they “hate all men“. What was once a great paper in proud, working-class Manchester has in recent times become an unashamed feminazi publication based in London. Is it any wonder it’s seriously in the red and in danger of going out of business entirely?

All of this is why feminism has truly become a dirty word. Even women, and men, who might openly confess that they are feminists and support the movement towards an equal society, in terms of same pay and opportunities, are horrified by the views of feminazis as broadcast and published in the media. The editors that allow these toxic views to filter out, many of whom commission such pieces, certainly have an agenda. But it is, in fact, #fakenews.

Guardian of Feminazi Views

Indeed, the Guardian outdid itself recently with its extreme misandry by publishing an opinion article declaring that “Roads designed by men are killing women – and stop millions from cycling”.

Readers called the article “embarrassing” and “offensive” and some commented that the paper was flushing itself down the toilet with its non-stop hatred of men. More than one said women also design roads, and one man said his sister designs cycle paths. Others said it was no surprise that the Guardian was financially emperilled, perennially loss-making and on the brink of bankruptcy. How can one medium get it so entirely wrong? Hatred, of half the world’s population. 

The majority of people around the world do not like extremist views, because they’re self-serving to a particular minority and do not further the greater good. The Guardian has become a feminazi joke, but meanwhile, and thankfully, some swimsuit elements of beauty pageants remain — Miss Great Britain has opted to keep its, after their American counterparts bowed to the insanity of over-political-correctness and scrapped theirs. If you want to oogle men parading about on stage in skimpy wear, you can do just that. Or just watch Poldark. That’s bare-bones equality. Enough with the mindless feminazi hysteria. 

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