Donald Trump Saves the World

This commentary was revised on 12/06/2018, from the original publication date of 04/05/2018, to reflect current events. 

By William J. Furney

Barack Obama, dear-darling of the Left, was, it turns out, just too timid.

The man who scandalously won the Nobel peace prize just days into his presidency did nothing to bring about peace in the warring regions of the world — Israel/Palestine and the North Korean nuclear threat most especially. During his eight-year reign, drone bombs rained down, killing thousands. His grand Iran nuclear deal has since been ripped up.

Is the famously hand-wringing Left now beside itself that its self-declared nemesis — a man who said he’d only run for the US presidency as a Republican, because they were “thick” redneck voters — is managing to bring about real peace in the world? Would self-obsessed Hillary Clinton have managed such a feat as bringing the two Koreas together?

Some said it was too early to assign credit to Trump for Kim Jong-Un’s meeting with his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, and his vow to halt his impoverished, cut-off nation’s nuclear programme. But it was Trump who was willing to step up and meet the young Dear Leader in the first place — launching a bold and daring strategy that those before him wouldn’t even countenance. The lecturing, hectoring liberal media, which is increasingly blind to actual reality and wants Europe to be overrun by economic migrants cloaked as “refugees”, doesn’t know what to say.

It’s time to stop listening to these blind, childish “liberals” in their faux-ivory towers as they scribble away at what they think is best for the world but could in fact be the entire worst. If this out-of-touch lot were running the world, they’d run it into the ground. It’s no surprise that uber-liberal media orgs such as The New York Times and Britain’s Guardian (of what, exactly?)  are perennially in financial dire straits. What readers they have left are sick of their ultra-liberal nonsense that just does not resonate — and if you don’t believe it, just look at their article comments.

Real Change in the World

It’s not the first time that liberals have been described as their own worst enemy, and the reason Trump was voted into office (Electoral College, admittedly). There are sections of the world that want to change the world, and the brazen Trump is certainly doing it his way.

The overtly pensive Obama feared to go where his predecessor, George W. Bush, had tread — in the Middle East and Afghanistan, after launching disastrous misadventures to combat 9/11. His ridiculed “Mission Accomplished” soon after bombing the hell out of Baghdad has now been given a whole new-slogan life with Trump’s intervention in Syria with the UK and France, over what’s believed to be Assad’s chemical bombing of his own people, again. Before on Syria and chemical weapons, Obama dithered and his “red line in the sand” was widely crossed and the first black president of the US was roundly, and rightly, criticised.

After an apparently successful meeting in Singapore in which Kim ostensibly agreed to de-nuclearise, is it now time that Trump, who indeed seems capable of making very difficult deals, gets a Nobel nod, when Obama did nothing to foster peace in the world and instead created war and strife? US Republicans, at least, think so, and have nominated the New York real estate mogul for the ultimate peace gong. And the South Koreans say he should get it too.

When Nobels Are Not So Noble

The Nobel organisation, much like the Trump Organisation and its founder, now in the White House, is in disarray. This year, due to a sex scandal, it will not be dishing out a literature prize. Who cares? The entire enterprise in handing out these moneyed prizes is rooted, after all, in a man, Alfred Nobel, who created a destructive product (dynamite) and then sought to redeem himself. Now it’s all blown up in his late face.

So let’s just forget about any ignoble awards and focus on what’s important in the world: not blowing ourselves to smithereens. In this, Trump — a flawed character indeed, and bedeviled by a host of sex and other scandals that threaten to bring him down at any minute — is succeeding where others have failed to make any progress whatsoever. Next stop the Middle East?

Whatever your political persuasions, your moral or ethical beliefs — whether you like or loathe Donald J. Trump — the world may certainly be a lot better off with this current American president at the helm. Sometimes it takes a real maverick, whatever foibles they may have.

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