Ready to be swerved? I’m journalist William J. Furney and on my site, you’ll find commentary and reportage on topics that interest me, as well as interviews with people of note. I also write about travel experiences, lifestyle , health, fitness and just about anything else that take my fancy.

Additionally, I will be publishing articles from guest writers, at my invitation. And as an added bonus — all for free and just for you, with no advertising, spying or any other monetizing¬†catches whatsoever, as I do this just for the love of writing¬†— I’ll be publishing longer-form content, including short stores and features.¬†

All this draws on my experience as an international news correspondent, newspaper owner and managing editor and all-round writer.

It’s gonna be ace! (Please don’t copy and paste this content; any queries to william [at] furneytimes[dot] com — gracias!)